Euro Millions Generator

4 11 31 44 50 - 6 11

The key above could be the next result for Euro Millions.
Most likely, though, it won't be.

That set was randomly generated based on a couple of strategies, deeply detailed in Lotterycodex. I truly recommend you read that to understand what's happening here.

I don't personally play Euro Millions (I have in the past, many many years ago), because my understanding of probability and statistics makes me see it as a waste of time.

That being said, after I read the guide above (and other related pieces of information), I was intrigued to build something that would try to guess a result, without having to spend money on attempting it.

Also, with enough people playing it, some will win, has they have.

For the first 100k generated guesses until 2024-04-30, there was 1 correct guess for the first prize, 15 for the second prize, and 77 for the third prize! (Probability!)

As per my very simple privacy policy, I run no ads nor tracking and make no money here, but if you win a lot of money with a number I've generated in this app, I'd appreciate you letting me know!

Thank you for your attention.